fly with the wind

fly with the wind
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Quick EP8 v2 SP

Quick EP-8


EP8 v2 SP


Quick Japan


Aileron, Elevator, Rudder, Throttle/Pitch


895mm (ca. 35")


795mm (ca. 31")


1530g (ca. 54oz)


JR RS77S PCM receiver
3 x JR DS362 for swash, 1 x Futaba S9650 for rudder
FUTABA GY240 gyro
SportBEC and TP3S730 Li-Poly for radio


Hyperion Z3019-10 w. 23T pinion
Stock 400mm wooden blades
CC Phoenix 60 (BEC disabled)
Hyperion LVX3S3700 Li-Poly pack
Dual TP ProLite3S2100 (3S2P)


all metal electric heli with polycarbonate cabin.
120 degree electric CCPM.
horizontal tail stabilizer is optional.
single 3S3700 pack or dual 3S2100 packs (3S2P4200) for hovering and normal cruising flight.
the flight time comes about 8 to 9 minutes for hovering and normal cruising flight.
designed by a career Japanese heli designer and made in Japan.


CNC precision metal head parts.
well-thought design, easy to build, easy to set.
docile, stable and responsive, easy to hover, easy to cruise.
inexpensive: kit price is 20000 JPY in Japan.
kit includes all linkage parts, wooden main blades and plastic tail blades.
parts availability is good in Japan.


the frame and skids are a bit fragile.
400mm main rotor blades are not so popular on the market.

overall rating:

AAAAa (four and a half of five)

excellent heli for novices or intermediate pilots, IMHO. If you wish some aggressive machine, go EX, LX version or EP-9.


the tail rotor rotates clockwise looking from right side of the heli. when your tail servo pull the tail control rod, tail pitch for right rudder increases.

1800RPM head spead (govoner) is sufficient for hover and normal cruising flight.

Separate RX battery or external BEC is recommended for PHX60.

My EP8 flies well with two Thunder Power Pro Lite 3S2100mAh packs in parallel. These Packs weighs 316 grams including a parallel connector cable (Hyperion LVX3S3700 pack is 312 grams with connectors).

EP8 v2 SP

last updated: Nov. 27, 2008

fly with the wind